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Data Acquisition Systems


The device HLX9011-DL is an Intelligent unit able to control a network of slave Modbus RTU devices connected on serial line RS-485 Master executing the reading and writing of the field values and performing the logical and mathematical functions necessary for the system working and managing up to 8 tasks of storage data.
The data are saved on microSD card; it is possible to get access to the saved files by means of the Ethernet connection.
The device is equipped with one universal analogue input channel, one channel for Volt and mA input, two digital inputs and 2 relay outputs .
On input an Auxiliary source is available to supply passive sensors on the field. By means of the Ethernet interface or the RS-485 “SLAVE” or RS-232 ports it is possible to read and write, in real time, the internal registers value.
Moreover, by means of the Ethernet interface, or by the RS-485 “SLAVE” or RS-232 ports it is possible to program the Control Logic,to monitor, to request data and programming in real time the Intelligent Unit,to program directly the Slave devices connected on the RS-485 Master and to request data from them.
The device DAT9011-DL is configurable by the software DEV9K, an easy and intuitive free IDE developed by DATEXEL and running under Windows. The LED of signaling of Ethernet activity and data rx-tx flow on the serial line allows a direct monitoring of the system functionality. The connection is made by removable screw-terminals (supply and RS-485) and RJ45 plug (Ethernet and RS-232)

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