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Data Acquisition Systems

What is Data Acquisition?
Data Acquisition is simply the gathering of information about a system or process. It is a core tool to the understanding, control and management of such systems or processes. Parameter information such as temperature, pressure or flow is gathered by sensors that convert the information into electrical signals. Sometimes only one sensor is needed, such as when recording local rainfall. Sometimes hundreds or even thousands of sensors are needed, such as when monitoring a complex industrial process. The signals from the sensors are transferred by wire, optical fibre or wireless link to an instrument which conditions, amplifies, measures, scales, processes, displays and stores the sensor signals. This is the Data Acquisition instrument.
In the past Data Acquisition equipment was largely mechanical, using smoked drums or chart recorders. Later, electrically powered chart recorders and magnetic tape recorders were used. Today, powerful microprocessors and computers perform Data Acquisition faster, more accurately, more flexibly, with more sensors, more complex data processing, and elaborate presentation of the final information.

Why Collect Information?

To look back on past events and identify areas of interest and most of all saving cost and time. These events could assist in improving the following:
Energy consumption
Quality Assurance

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